Who We Serve

People Who are Retired, or Close To It

We lead people through the gate of retirement, helping to carry out what they’ve worked for.  We also help people get to this point.

Attorneys, Doctors, and Engineers

We help professionals bring it all together—where to save, how their retirement plan at work fits in, whether to use a Health Savings Account, and whether they’re on track, ahead, or behind.

Diligent Savers

Our clients tend to be humble people, regardless of their net worth.  Most are good savers, and have made much progress through this simple behavior.

People Looking for a Trusted Partner

Our clients recognize the value of advice, and aren’t shy about seeking it.  They are experts in their own fields and lives.  They rely on us to hold them accountable to a plan that ensures they keep the lives they love.

People Concerned About Risk

Goostree Financial Group has a longstanding expertise in the area of risk.  We help our clients identify where they can afford to self-insure, and where they need to offload risks.  This is a huge benefit as a single tragedy can otherwise undo years of hard work and planning.