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What We Do

We are interested in building long-term relationships with the people we serve.  This requires trust and integrity, and we’re committed to both.  A long relationship will include many transitions.  As Susan Bradley, the great transitionist, says, when life changes, money changes and when money changes, life changes.  

Because of the various stages of life and financial planning, we include a number of services for our clients.

Included Services:

Developing and Implementing a Financial Plan Around What Matters Most to You

We collaborate to discover what it is you most want, and how we can help you get more of it.  This involves a lot of back-and-forth and tweaking and, once we’ve established a course of action, it requires diligent monitoring.  Things change all the time—sometimes including what you want. 

Developing, Implementing and Monitoring an Investment Strategy that Supports Your Plan

We believe investments should be made with a purpose and a time-frame in mind.  Your financial plan will reveal what investment results are needed for you to enjoy what matters most, understand the risk you are taking, as well as the risk of not taking one.  

Identifying the Key Risks You Face and Addressing Them

There are always risks to a client’s plan.  Whether it’s an unexpected death or disability, or losing a job, you need to prepare to protect your family in the instance that you can’t.  We help clients consider a number of alternatives, from Emergency Funds to insurance, from self-insuring to Long-Term Care.  We want you to understand how your approach could impact your plans. 

Being a Thinking Partner on Taxes and Estate Planning

We don’t do tax returns for our clients or write the documents for their estate plan, but we do help them prepare to meet with other professionals who do.  We keep our clients abreast of tax changes and strategies, and we help them consider the best way to help the next generation(s).

Helping You Organize and Consolidate Your Financial Life

We have a secure portal where we can link, and clients can view, all their investments.  Clients often come to us in confusion, understanding their investments in isolation with a story behind each of them.  We help them see their financial picture holistically, as one story that ends better as a result.

Helping You Build Retirement Income You Can Count On

Of all the changes in retirement, the loss of working income is the first that comes to mind.  We help clients build a secure retirement income based on making the best Social Security decision, spending from investments in the right order, finding ways to guarantee an income stream, if needed, and carefully considering and testing the amount of income that is sustainable.