Is Goostree Financial Group Right For You?

Our Process

Initial “Fit” Call

Before we each commit our time, it’s important to determine if we can be valuable to you.  Are we experts in the area(s) you need help?  It’s also important to get a sense of one another, and whether we are a “fit.”  That is, do we enjoy talking, is their rapport, and do we get a sense we can trust each other?  These are things we’ll each continue to evaluate, but first impressions are often helpful.

Fact Finding Meeting

If we both feel we should move forward, then we will give you a list of documents to gather before we meet.  We will prepare questions, based on what you told us during the phone call, so that we can dig deeper into your situation, getting the information we need to develop a plan.

Plan Presentation Meeting

We will present the 1st draft of your plan, explaining the details that support it.  What are we missing?  What, if anything, have we misunderstood?  This is a time for you to evaluate our understanding—do we have a clear sense of what you’re trying to accomplish?  We will often try to distill the plan down to a ‘one-pager,’ a simple call-to-action that highlights the plan’s primary findings.

Talk Amongst Yourselves 

While we work with individuals, we often work with couples and families.  We want you to have a chance to speak without us around, to process your thoughts, and to confirm for yourself that you want to move forward implementing our plan.  Typically, we agree to touch base again a couple days after presenting the plan.

Getting Started

This is where we open accounts, initiate transfers, and complete insurance applications if needed.  The plan will have laid out a course of action, now it’s time to implement it!

At each stage of the process, we’re both confirming there’s a “fit.”  We work best when we’re on the same page as a client.  Without that agreement, it’s difficult to provide real value.