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Who Counts on You

People are counting on you whether they’ve said it or not.

More and more of our clients are finding themselves playing some kind of role in their aging parents' lives. For some this means providing financial support while, for others, it means visiting a mom or dad in a nursing home each week. Some of these clients also have children and some have family members with special needs.

One of the most difficult parts of caring for someone is difficult to talk about.

You know it but you may not want to say it. Every dollar you use to support your parents, save for your childrens' college or provide for a special needs family member is one less dollar you save for yourself.

  • Do You Have a Strategy to Refill the Asset Pool?
  • How Will You Ever Save Enough to Secure Your Own Independence?

Your plan needs to include strategies that protect your future while still allowing you to be the family member you want to be. This isn’t always easy, but creative planning may enable those who receive your generosity to be generous back.

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