Can I Be Confident?

Our clients have done a number of things to become successful. Without any fanfare, they have lived within their means, saved as much as they’ve been able, and invested prudently for the long haul. In addition, our clients have been patient, giving the right strategies time to work.

However, one of the misconceptions about wealth is that it makes life simpler. Our clients testify to the opposite—that the more successful they’ve become, the more complex their financial lives have gotten.

Are you confident that you’re managing your wealth wisely?

As you think about your situation, some basic questions you should ask yourself are:

Who Provides Your Second Opinion?

Are headlines your primary source of financial advice? Who are you getting counsel from? Is it a close friend? You wouldn’t trust your physical health to a non-professional so why are willing to risk your financial health on one?

Are You Relying on Unrealistic Assumptions?

No one knows the future. However, most of us can spot an unrealistic assumption if we’re honest with ourselves. Are you painting too rosy a picture of the future?

What Risks are You Self-Insuring?

Whether you know it or not, you are self-insuring for certain risks. In many cases, this is wise. However, in other cases you may be exposing yourself to risks that could ruin you or the people you love financially. Do you have a plan in place to spot the difference?

Do You Have a Plan and Is It Written Down?

You’ve probably heard the observation that “After all is said and done, often more is said than done.” Do you have a plan in writing and have you communicated it to the people who need to know about it?

How Do You Monitor Your Progress?

What kind of metric are you using for your investment assets besides simply rate of return? How do you measure risk?

Can you answer these questions with confidence?

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