Articulate Your Plan and Stress Test It

If someone asked you to describe your plan your financial future, what would you say?

We all have assumptions about our lives even if we don’t speak about them. Many of these relate to our financial lives. You may be expecting to retire at a given age, planning to live on a certain income, and confident that you will pass a generous inheritance down to your children.

Have you communicated these plans to the people who are affected by them? Your loved ones may offer good counsel on what experiences they hope to have with you and how they see you spending your retirement.

But you also may need a qualified second opinion to feel sure that your plans are actually possible.

When was the last time your plans were Stress Tested?

What would be the impact if:

  • You decided to retire a year earlier than you plan to? What about a year later?
  • You change jobs unexpectedly?
  • You encounter a bear market at retirement? What about severe inflation?
  • You become a grandparent?
  • Your health fails you in retirement?

Speak with an expert who can challenge your assumptions and identify the risks you face. Contact us for a second opinion and a stress test of your plans today.

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