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You thought you had this...

You thought you had this...

September 28, 2018

But What if it Requires More?


  • That a portion of your retirement account actually belongs to the Federal government (in the form of future taxes), and that the government’s formula for retirement distributions may mean you have to take more out of your account than you actually want to.
  • That higher retirement income means higher Medicare premiums.
  • That there is a good chance you could live longer than you expect, requiring your assets to last longer.
  • Making the correct Social Security decision has a huge impact on your retirement.
  • Or, the elephant in the room: health care costs are estimated* to cost the average retiree $280,000. Without a thoughtful plan to contain these costs you may find yourself making the difficult choice between living expenses and healthcare.

The bottom line is that these and many other variables can easily outweigh a simple rate of return. At Goostree Financial Group, we believe you can have confidence in retirement, because you have an effective plan. We have been helping our clients secure that confidence for over four decades.

*Fidelity 2018 Healthcare costs in Retirement

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