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What Does Goostree Financial Group Do?

What Does Goostree Financial Group Do?

May 04, 2016

Goostree Financial Group is an independent wealth management and retirement planning firm based in the greater Kansas City area. Led by father-son team, Michael and Toby Goostree, the firm provides comprehensive financial planning that is unbiased and objective. They work with clients to clarify and set financial goals, then create strategies to pursue those goals. They are also specialists in transition planning, experienced in helping widows, divorcees, and people who have received a windfall navigate their change in circumstances.

Why Do Clients Choose Goostree Financial Group?

Individuals, families, and business owners often choose to work with Goostree Financial Group because of the level of service offered. The team works hard to listen to their clients’ desires and create a comprehensive plan that meets the client’s unique needs. Many include life insurance and long-term care strategies, current and future tax strategies, as well as retirement planning that takes into account both corporate and government benefits.

The firm’s top priority is client service and as a result, their growth is largely built on referrals. From friends to family, it’s not uncommon for the team to work with multiple generations and maintain lifelong relationships with their clients. In addition, many people facing a life event, or a change in circumstance, begin a relationship with Goostree Financial Group because of the team’s expertise in transition planning.

How Can Goostree Financial Group Help?

Goostree Financial Group provides custom plans to help clients pursue their most important goals. The firm works with clients to determine the most effective ways to translate their wealth into the life they desire. Michael and Toby help clients plan for a variety of goals, from funding their children's education, to accumulating for retirement, to supporting causes they believe in, to creating lasting legacies. Each of these strategies is intended to help clients sleep at night, knowing their financial life and plans are well-managed.

They strive to combine the personal side of planning — where they help people struggling with indecision or lack of knowledge — with the technical side of creating investment portfolios. They also are happy to provide an unbiased second opinion on important financial decisions and investment strategies.

How to Get Started

Michael and Toby enjoy meeting with individuals, families, and business owners in all stages of life to learn about their goals and see if Goostree Financial Group may be able to help. Based in Leawood, Kansas, they work with clients in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, as well as in Arizona, Illinois, Texas, and Wyoming, among others.

To schedule a complimentary financial consultation, or to get a second opinion on your financial plan and investments, contact Goostree Financial Group today by calling (913) 663-1144 or emailing

About Michael Goostree

Michael Goostree is the founder of Goostree Financial Group, an independent, father-son financial planning firm serving individuals, families, and business owners in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. With more than 45 years of experience in the financial services and insurance industries, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table in regards to retirement planning, wealth management, and insurance. Believing plans are the key to success, he focuses on building comprehensive and personalized plans for every client he works with. To learn more about how Michael may be able to help, connect with him on LinkedIn, call his office at (913) 663-1144, or email him at

About Toby Goostree

Toby Goostree joined Goostree Financial Group in 2006 after completing his graduate degree at the University of Arizona.  He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner with over 10 years of experience and has worked, over the past two years, to become a Certified Financial Transitionist™, an expert in the stages of transition as well as the way to approach it.  His ideas have appeared in The Wall Street Journal.  To learn more about Toby, or how he can help you, connect with him on LinkedIn, send him an email, or call him at 913-663-1144.