November 03, 2017

Financial procrastination is not a common term, yet many of us see it in our daily lives. While late fees on a routine bill may seem like a small cost, the real cost for financial procrastination can be quite large.

What’s worse, no one is sending a bill to remind you about it.

Think of it this way: what would your investment portfolio look like today if you had begun investing at an earlier time? If your investments are earning just 7%, then beginning to invest ten years earlier would have resulted in about twice as much money as you currently have. Twice.

Conversely, waiting to invest has a very large hidden cost. If you wait another 10 years to begin investing … You get the picture.

Taking stock doesn’t have to be painful. We often meet people who are in better shape than they thought they were. If that’s true for you, or if it’s not, don’t you want to know?

At Goostree Financial Group we have been helping individuals tackle financial matters for over four decades. Don’t feel overwhelmed, give yourself the gift of getting started. Success starts with knowing where you stand.