Is Conservative The New Aggressive?

Is Conservative The New Aggressive?

January 06, 2017

Everyone wants the perfect investment—high returns and low risk. But it’s interesting that many clients who once described themselves as aggressive investors, now shy away from taking risk, preferring a “safe” place like a bank or other cash asset, cautious after living through the Great Recession of 2008.

But is avoiding risk the solution, or are you just making the opposite mistake?

Today we face so many pressures on our savings that they have to grow. We are living longer, and health care costs may eat away at our savings if we aren’t prepared. And if you’re younger, you’re trying to build a nest egg without some of the tailwinds that your parent’s investments enjoyed.

So what’s a potential solution? Well, if you don’t take large losses, then typically you only need to earn a portion of what the market does in order to outperform. A wide range of our advance and protect strategies are designed to do just that. They aren’t magic, but they do rely on looking at the markets differently than you have in the past.

Our strategies are customized, but our thinking is consistent—market losses matter, and limiting losses may offer the best chance to earn a good return on your investments. We believe conservative is the new aggressive.