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Good Financial Decisions: Brad & Monique

Good Financial Decisions: Brad & Monique

August 23, 2016

As a boy, I recall my grandfather showing me his closet full of neckties and telling me, "never throw your ties away." He told me that even when a tie went out of style, with just a little patience, the style would make a comeback at some point in the future. There were at least a hundred ties in his closet that I had never seen him wear.

Years later as a young adult, I realized he was right; I was wearing the same narrow tie that he predicted would be stylish in my lifetime. And today, those same narrow ties are in vogue once again. Just like with the ties, the same happens with cars. What was once considered old and outdated is now a priceless classic.

Client Profile: Brad & Monique

I was reminded of that conversation when my friends and clients, Brad and Monique, drove up in the perfect example of a rebounding style. As you see in the picture, they completely restored a 1956 Thunderbird in its original color, Fiesta Red.

Owners of an electrical contracting company, Brad & Monique have a true gift for restoring beautiful things. We have been working together since 2009, and in the time I have known them, they have completely restored a 50-foot sailboat and transported it to the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy salt water sailing. After sailing the Gulf for about a month they just weren’t ready to retire. Since then, they have restored several homes to exquisite condition and now have moved on to automobiles.

Restoring A 1956 Thunderbird

It was truly a labor of love. Last December, Brad went all the way to Minnesota to get this 60-year-old car. He wanted a Thunderbird because it was considered a sports luxury sedan and it competed with the Corvette. The body was generally in good shape, but the car had not been driven in years, just stored. Brad began by replacing all of the wiring, restoring the engine and other mechanical parts of the car so that it could be driven. He wasn’t interested in just shining it up for display, he and Monique want to drive and enjoy it.

The biggest hurdle they faced during the restoration was the hard top. It came with a soft top, but Brad’s dream included a hard top. Only made for three years, the top proved difficult to find, especially in the original paint color. However, he persevered and now has this breathtaking car to show as a result. When they pulled up in my driveway, their faces couldn’t hide their joy and pride of accomplishment. It was genuinely contagious.

It’s Never Too Late To Make Good Decisions

Brad and Monique have made some wise decisions with their finances that have enabled them to have this experience. That may not be true for you, however it’s never too late to see benefits from good financial decisions. Just like Thunderbirds and skinny ties have gotten a second chance, you can get another chance to make better choices with your finances. Imagine you could change some of the financial decisions you have made in the past. If you could go “back to the future” what would you do differently? Would you ask for help from someone trained and skilled in financial areas? Or if not, would you be approaching the future with the same strategies that you question today?

Financial Advisors Help You Make Wise Decisions

One privilege that we enjoy as financial advisors, is to watch our clients’ dreams come to fruition. We see their lives progress and change, and the unfolding long-term effects of their past decisions, some good, some not. Like my grandfather’s necktie styles, decisions made in the past follow us into the present. One very large benefit of working with an experienced financial advisor is that they have the knowledge to see small things that will grow exponentially to have huge impacts in the future. We can help you make good decisions to give you the very best opportunity for success.

Good financial decisions have a way of bringing future joy, just like the beautiful Thunderbird Brad and Monique are enjoying so much in the picture. They are an excellent example and serve as a reminder of how we can achieve our goals over time if we will put in the effort.

At Goostree Financial Group, we believe that regardless of the results of past financial decisions, you would likely benefit from a relationship with a qualified and trained financial advisor. We have helped many individuals pursue their financial goals. Call us today at (913) 663-1144 or email and we can sit down to discuss your financial situation and what choices you can make now to set yourself up for a successful financial future.

About Michael Goostree

Michael Goostree is the founder of Goostree Financial Group, an independent, father-son financial consulting firm serving individuals, families, and business owners in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. With more than 45 years of experience in the financial services and insurance industries, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table in regards to retirement planning, wealth management, and insurance. Believing plans are the key to success, he focuses on building comprehensive and personalized plans for every client he works with. To learn more about how Michael may be able to help, connect with him on LinkedIn, call his office at (913) 663-1144, or email him at