Do you really need a special decoder ring to plan your retirement?

Do you really need a special decoder ring to plan your retirement?

August 31, 2018

Listening to financial advisors, you could easily get the impression that retirement planning requires a special costume, secret words or a crystal ball. Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth. The concepts and strategies that help one retire successfully have been known by most of us for our entire lives: don’t spend more than you make, save as much as you can, and, most important, don’t equate money with happiness.


So why do so many use an expert to help them manage the transition from working to retirement?


The answer lies in the details. We live in complex times. Financially and in other ways, retirement is very different than working. Most arrive at retirement with an amount of funds saved and want to maximize the security and pleasure that those funds can give. We don’t want to run out of money while we’re still alive. We don’t want to be a burden to our children. In short, we want to enjoy the fruits of our lifetime.


To do that successfully requires a good understanding of how things work. Retirement income and security are affected by complex, interrelated forces such as investment returns, spending, taxes, health, insurance, and government programs such as Social Security and Medicare.  Most people have no real experience or expertize managing these interrelated forces. These are issues that an experienced and trained financial advisor has dealt with many times.


If we have a superpower at Goostree Financial Group, it’s just knowledge, objectivity, and experience.  Remember: we’d like to help.  No special costumes or decoder rings required.