Do you keep your financial records in a junk drawer?

Do you keep your financial records in a junk drawer?

May 30, 2019

Do you keep your financial records in a junk drawer? After all, a junk drawer is a quick, easy filing system, and you always know where everything is – pretty smart.


What if even simple and basic organizational habits added tangible benefits to your life? What if these habits assisted in reducing spending and increasing savings? Let me suggest three examples that can make your life easier;

  1. Set aside a daily “money minute” to check on your financial transactions. The results will likely surprise you. This simple action can save you from expensive and annoying surprises as well as provide food for thought on just how you might simplify your financial life.
  1. Track your net worth; the difference between your assets and your debt. By repeatedly focusing on this simple equation most people find it helps shed their budget of unnecessary and even unwanted expense. In addition, beneficial saving and investment choices become more common and less intimidating.
  1. Allocate a fixed percentage of your income toward financial priorities; build up a rainy-day fund, pay off debt, save for retirement, etc. Having a percentage already allocated to important tasks means that you are making regular progress toward priorities that will pay huge benefits in your life.

These three examples are just a sample of easy, but often life changing behaviors that can bring order to your financial life. One more; visit with someone who understands the value of getting your financial house in order – someone with a well-established track record of doing exactly this. At Goostree Financial Group, we have demonstrated our value over a long period of time to many, many people.